Russian perfumer
Tania Lau

Perfumer Tania Lau

My name is Tatiana Laukhtina. I am the creator of the perfume brand Tania Lau. And I'm having an affair with fragrances.

One day I invited the fragrances to a white dance, and they entered my life forever. When I go to work in a cafe or dance studio, communicating with people, I always involuntarily pay special attention to the smells around me, whether they are the aromas of nature, perfume, food or the emotions of the interlocutor. The smells are so eloquent! They are able to change the mood, soothe or tone, enter into a state of euphoria, and sometimes quite the opposite.

Tania Lau

Let's dance with perfume!
Tania Lau
Dance with perfume

About the perfume brand Tania Lau

My name is Tatiana Laukhtina.

I am the creator of the perfume brand Tania Lau.

- I create exclusive perfumes to order

-I create an aroma design for galleries and exhibitions

-I can implement a fragrance for your brand or a fragrance for a special event

-I conduct perfume workshops and perfume bars

-I make massage and scented candles

-I conduct psychological aroma diagnostics with high-quality natural essential oils


Russian perfumer
Tania Lau


I create to order :
  • Fragrance design and perfumery for rooms, exhibitions, museums;
  • Exclusive fragrances for various brands;
  • I can create your personal unique fragrance;
  • In my portfolio there is a very significant project for me - the creation of fragrances for the DeepInside exhibition at the Mars Gallery of Modern Art commissioned by the artist Maria Luttik. The exhibition is about eternal values, and the fragrances reflect the 5 states to which this exhibition is dedicated: Happiness, Love-lust, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Moksha (going beyond the circle of Samsara);
  • My fragrance represented Russian agriculture at the Argo Art Museum as part of the World Expo 2022 in Dubai;
  • I also created a fragrance for the vintage clothing brand from Belarus and for the ProMoney brand;
  • I conduct master classes and perfume bars.


We deliver in Moscow, the Moscow region, Russia and the CIS countries by SDEK.
The cost depends on the weight of the product.
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