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Immersive Exhibition DeepInside

In my portfolio there is a very significant project for me - the creation of fragrances for the DeepInside exhibition at the Mars Gallery of Modern Art commissioned by the artist Maria Luttik. The exhibition is about eternal values, and the fragrances reflect the 5 states to which this exhibition is dedicated: Happiness, Love-lust, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Moksha (going beyond the circle of Samsara). In 2023, Male and Female fragrances were added to these fragrances, which in combination give a third fragrance.

The World Exhibition
Expo 2022 in Dubai

My fragrance presented the exposition "Agriculture of Russia" at the Argo Art Museum as part of the World Expo 2022 in Dubai.

A fragrance for the brand ProMoney

ProMoney perfume (About money) I created ProMoney for the brand of the same name, the founder of which is my friend and part-time successful expert on the transformation of monetary thinking, Tatyana Istomina. Successful people who get high from their business inspire me a lot. And my friend is a vivid example of absolutely selfless enjoyment of herself, her life and her activities, and as a result of this – material success.

ProMoney perfume is about the sweetness of success, about pleasure and for pleasure. The smell of honey with nuances of ylang-ylang, patchouli and amber.

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Russian perfumer

Tania Lau

My name is Tatiana Laukhtina.

I am the creator of the perfume brand Tania Lau.

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