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Over the years of communication with you, my dear friends, I have accumulated a lot of positive emotions from the reviews, which I publish in this section.
  • Yesterday we sniffed the pheromone version of fragrances. It's very simple. "Honey, if the stars could fall and crumble into diamond-musky dust with a taste of c..aine, it would be you"
  • So, well? Today I forced myself to get off the geranium. Every time I promised myself that tomorrow I would start the day and again that very best rose, which is a geranium, was fragrant on me. But today I still decided on a new fragrant outfit "punctuality is not my thing." Tanya, I'm going to study your fragrances all month. I feel like I'm going to wear it in the next week. Delight. "Punctuality is not mine" - MINE... that's the kind of tautology I got.

  • Fragrance "Ode to Tuesday"
    Top notes: grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, black currant, aldehydes, pear, melon. Middle notes: ylang-ylang, neroli, rose.
    Base notes: honey, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, tobacco.
    Tuesdays, yes, they are important, these are the days of all means, you need to raise your fifth point and act, etc.. The aroma turned out to be quite Tuesday - bright, equipping for a hike, awakening to action, etc. (citrus fruits with fruits are juicy and joyful, floral shades are served in a unisex role without dominants, all this is appeasingly flavored with patchouli cedar and tobacco, in the base gently flows into strong tea)...but he waves honey so invitingly... that you clearly understand that Friday is just around the corner....There's a weekend ahead and a bunch of great moments...
  • Tanya, hi) I was at the exhibition with Marianne today - and then she suddenly wrote that you were making fragrances for her! And it's so cool, to be honest! In general, it is extraordinary! Moksha and Happiness (which is in the moss) have absolutely conquered - you have a real talent and it's kind of warm and cool to know that for such a stunningly beautiful exhibition (very in tune with me now) you were directly involved) stunningly cool!
  • The fragrance "Punctuality is not my thing"
    Top notes: green grass, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit.
    Middle notes: raspberry, rose, powder.
    Base notes: oud, tobacco.
    An interesting combination of green herbal notes with raspberry and rose - there is an internal contradiction that is inherent in eternally late people - they seem to be set up for action, but something always prevents them, while they are overcome by kilometers of creative insights, but while they grind them in their head, time inexorably runs forward; at the same time, these latecomers are not they worry in general - they continue in the same spirit and with the same bitchiness... All this is in the fragrance, so the name is very suitable for it. Green notes are the element of Wood, berries / flowers are Fire - if I use something red in my image, then the fragrance is clearly about me...I have plenty of wood, but in order not to have it in abundance, you can add a spark - it turns out a continuous stream of creativity and information processing...Oud and tobacco are a Tree again...where we started, we came back to that...The fragrance will be monetary
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